Your programs are built around a core gut repair and detox protocol that we have designed for maximum results and cost savings to the practice. We use Xymogen products for this protocol. While each individual who comes to your practice will have unique health conditions that may require additional therapies, treatments, or supplements, the core protocol addresses the need that all individuals have for gut repair and detoxification. The protocols can be seen below. Note that the 60 Day Core Protocol corresponds to the first 60 days of the 60 Day, 3 Month and 6 Month Programs. After the first 60 days, any supplementation given is for maintenance or individualized care and is up to your discretion. There is a different protocol for the 30 Day Program:


Our programs can be configured in a “non-supplement” format, meaning that we remove the supplement explanation videos and documents, and remove mentions of any specific supplements from other program documents and videos. While we encourage all practices to utilize the core gut repair and detox protocol built into the program, this option allows you to give whatever supplements you wish to provide.

Please note, this option does not change your program structure. All programs are structured around 30 days of dietary transitions, followed by a 14 day detoxification period, followed by the reintroduction of foods. Adaptations can be made to this program structure for a small fee, or at no charge if one of our Professional level partners.


Our supplement protocol is incredibly versatile for most practice members. However, certain considerations should be made for children or women who are pregnant or nursing. If a child is over the age of 15-16, it may be possible to use the normal supplement protocol given to adults, but special consideration should be given to their body type, severity of symptoms, maturity, and other clinical factors.


To assist you in understanding the best practices for ordering supplements from Xymogen, we have compiled a Supplement Ordering Guide that walks you through which supplements to order, how to handle MedPax, shipping and labeling supplements, and what options are available when backorders occur. If you do not have a Xymogen account, you will want to register for an account here: https://www.xymogen.com/practitioners/register-with-xymogen/

Our team is able to handle supplement fulfillment and ordering for your programs. If you would like to explore this option, please contact our Director of Operations, Chris Henson, at [email protected] to discuss supplement fulfillment options.