Each program includes individual curriculum documents that appear next to program videos. These documents further expand on the content presented in each video and give additional instruction to practice members regarding the program steps they should be taking. These documents will feature your branding, logos, and colors upon completion of your custom branded programs.

What if I have a vegan/vegetarian practice member?

We do have a plant-based program that can be added to your program options for a small fee, however most providers do not need to add this option in order to work with practice members who avoid the consumption of animal proteins or products. If working with a vegan or vegetarian, the only modification to make to the dietary changes is that you will allow them to continue eating legumes in week 4 of the program. If using our supplement protocol, visit with them about the use of IgG 2000 CWP (whey) and IG 26 Plus DF (egg). If they do not want to use either of these products, use Glutaloemine instead. Make sure they understand that your program teaches a lifestyle that allows for the consumption of animal proteins and products, but that you understand these recommendations and encouragements will not apply to them. Here are some recipes you can give out to assist with dietary transitions:

What should I do with these documents?

Technically, you don’t have to do anything with these documents. They are delivered digitally, one article at a time, to your practice members as they watch their videos. However, we have found that many practices find it helpful to print out the Portal User Guide and Preface sections once they have their unique branded documents, and include them in a binder given to practice members upon registration. Other practices also include the recipes and meal plans from the Additional Resources section.  By providing a 1″ binder with your cover page in the outside sleeve, your members are more likely to print out the additional documents they receive for each unit of their program and add them to their binder.

If you want to offer these printed binders to your practice members, you can get 1″ binders and include the cover page which is the first page in the Welcome to Your Program document.

Do I need to give out any other documents or materials to my practice members?

Outside of any unique individual supplement instructions given to a practice member or specific materials used for your unique, in-office practices or policies, you do not need to supplement these documents with any additional resources. They are a complete guide for your programs. Giving out other materials, articles, program steps, dietary resources, etc. may cause confusion and should not be needed as part of your Custom Branded Revitalize Health programs.

Are there any additional documents for my programs?

Yes, there are additional meal documents and resources available in the Additional Resources section of the site, which is included in your program with your branding and colors.