You can view what the practice member will experience in their program by registering on our demo account site. Upon logging in, you will have access to three program options:

  • 6 Month Program
  • 60 Day Non-Supps
  • 30 Day Program

The 6 Month Program is our full program, and Modules 1-9 are the content delivered to someone in a 3 Month Program. So, view all content in the first nine modules to see what the 3 Month Program would entail.

The 60 Day Program – Non-Supp¬†shows our content for the “non-supplement” version, which allows you to provide whatever custom supplements you would like, without having to use our protocol. While we recommend all practices use our core gut repair & detox supplement protocol, we can configure your programs for the non-supplement version, or give you the option to select which protocol (non-supplement or Revitalize Health) to use with a practice member upon registration. Since there are no specific supplements mentioned after day 60, longer “non-supplement” programs (3 & 6 Month) will use these initial seven non-supplement modules, then revert to the content seen in the regular program for Module 8 and beyond.

The 30 Day Program is a condensed version of the 60 Day Program. There is slightly less content and quicker dietary transitions. There is a different supplement protocol for this program, though it can also be done in a non-supplement version (provided that a 14-day detox occur).