Once we have created your unique program website and branded curriculum, you will have an ability to login to your new site and administrate your programs. Click the button below to view the catalog of videos which discuss how to navigate different parts of your site and troubleshoot common patient problems.


  • Remember that practice members always get access to Module 1 upon registration, whether they are beginning their program in 5 days or as many as 3 weeks from registration. So, upon registration, it is important to set theĀ Member Start Date to the exact day you want the practice member to start taking their supplements and begin their dietary transitions.
  • We encourage that you register practice members approximately 5-7 days before their Member Start Date (Module 2), which is the day they start supplements and dietary changes. This allows them enough time to review their program steps for Day 1, visit the grocery store to stock up on foods needed for the first week, and have time for initial questions to be answered. In addition, this will allow patients to receive their supplements if you are shipping them. Even if you give supplements at the time of their program enrollment / ROF, you should always plan to register patients for the program at least 5-7 days in advance of the Start Date you enter on their registration form.
  • For technical issues with your programs, please contact our team at and we can assist you with troubleshooting any problems.