One of the benefits of a virtual program is the ability to make impactful connections with practice members that don’t take the time and effort of in-office visits. We have a schedule of automated emails included in your program that are “sent” by team members from your office, reminding practice members to watch videos, introducing them to their next program steps, and encouraging them to stay current with their program steps. These greatly improve compliance and add important touchpoints throughout your practice member’s programs that don’t require any additional work from your team.

There are also coaching calls scheduled to take place at specific times in the program. Combined with the automated emails, practice members hear from your team on a regular basis and feel supported as they work through their program steps from home.

The coaching calls for the program can be pre-scheduled with practice members by someone in your office, or our system will prompt practice members to schedule calls with you at designated times. If you have a calendar application that allows online scheduling, we can provide them a link to this calendar automatically, so appointments appear in your calendar without having to schedule them yourself. We also notify you when calls are supposed to take place, so you don’t forget to reach out.

Our team can assist with coaching your practice’s members entirely, or on a case-by-case basis. If you wish to speak with our team about this possibility, or if you want to discuss how the coaching portion of your virtual programs work, you can schedule a time to speak with our coaching staff here: