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If you are taking at least one medication, there is HOPE for you to manage and even resolve the underlying cause of your health issues. If you want an effective, natural, and safe way to take control of your health…

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Hi, I’m Ky Carlson, Founder and Director of Revitalize Health. I have dedicated my life to helping people reclaim their health and make the transformation to a healthy lifestyle. I consider it a great privilege and honor to be part of a team that helps correct the cause of disease rather than mask the symptoms with medication. We have seen over 3,000 individuals learn how to fight and even reverse their disease because of our unique approach to healthcare that addresses the root cause of poor and failing health.

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Review Your Health History

We will take a comprehensive look at your current and past health history and your current symptoms and concerns.

Review Metabolic Assessment

I will review a thorough metabolic assessment that looks at all the different systems of the body to determine where problems might exist.

Create a Plan of Action

Together we’ll determine a plan of action to support healthy function, help you manage and reverse your symptoms, and reach your goals.

Many of our clients have told us, this is the MOST helpful consultation
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