Anyone can put videos online and call it a virtual education. We have created a true online experience for functional medicine practitioners and clinics that involves expert education, patient progress tracking, & automated compliance safeguards that ensures your patients engage the program material and steps required for optimal results. It is like having a virtual staff member teaching, tracking, reminding, and re-engaging your patients on a daily basis, freeing you and your staff up to reach more patients with less work.

Now, we are taking those tools and offering them to you—completely branded for your practice!

All videos, documents, emails, and online education pages feature your practice name, staff members, logos, brand identity, and more, so patients remain connected to you and your staff, giving you an INSTANT virtual curriculum without any of the hassles of set-up, programming, or ongoing maintenance.

Plus, we offer additional services such as supplement fulfillment and patient coaching, so you don’t need to have a team in place to get started. Of course, if you already have coaching and supplements, our system works seamlessly with your office, giving your staff the tools & resources it needs to manage patients while escaping the administrative oversight and constant work of patient engagement that can bog them down.

Speak with one of our staff members at 936-321-7800 to see how we can deliver a custom-branded program to your office.