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Innovative, natural health solutions that have helped thousands of people uncover and resolve the underlying causes of their health problems, giving them freedom & hope for a better future.

It's never been easier

Our programs give you all of the tools needed to reclaim your life and health—from the ease and comfort of your own home. No need for endless doctor’s visits.


We start with two basic propositions: that you are designed to be healthy and well and that the future of your health can be drastically changed by the decisions you make today. Then, by working with our dedicated team whose aim is to uncover the root causes of your symptoms and address them at the source, we help people experience remarkable, life-changing results that reverse and often eliminate health problems that have plauged them for years.

Unlike the modern practice of medicine, which aims to minimize or eliminate symptoms through repeated medications and life-long treatments, we use proven, natural methods that build your body back to optimal health. We practice comprehensive, revolutionary strategies that deliver true benefits and provide hope for a healthier future. We give patients the opportunity to experience freedom in their health and empower them to create a better future for their lives, health, and families.  We are Revitalize Health.


The Revitalize Health Program is our scientifically-backed health and wellness program that offers powerful and lasting results for individuals battling poor health. Offered in varying lengths based on need, budget, and the recommendation of our staff, the Revitalize Health Program is a comprehensive health and lifestyle protocol that includes specialized nutriceutical supplements designed to restore and repair organ function, targeted nutrition, personalized consulations & coaching with our team, and strategic whole-body detoxification.

Combined, these proven health strategies enable individuals to radically improve their health and restore normal function to their bodies, often completely resolving the underlying cause of their health problems. All this by utilizing only natural, proven methods that rebuild health and consider the person as a whole.

About Ky Carlson

Ky Carlson began his chiropractic career in 2002 while working as a doctor for the Houston Rockets after receiving his doctorate from Parker College of Chiropractic. During his two seasons with the Rockets, Ky Carlson opened his first practice in The Woodlands, Texas. Ky Carlson is currently the Founder & Clinical Director of Revitalize Health. Ky Carlson also created the Revitalize Health Program, a wellness program that is recognized nationwide and is taught as a model to other doctors all over the world and is passionate about educating his community about health and wellness.

Ky Carlson has completed graduate studies in functional endocrinology, health, blood chemistry, physiology, and nutrition, and is currently finishing his Ph.D. in Integrative Medicine. Ky Carlson has earned numerous awards and accolades in his fifteen years of running health practices throughout the Houston area thanks to his extensive research and experience in the realm of functional health and wellness.


Thousands of individuals’ lives have been transformed by our innovate health protocols.
What will your story of transformation be?  

I was a Type II diabetic for over 15 years. At one point, my A1C was pushing 12.0 and I was on a total of 9 medications, including 4 insulin shots a day. My story dramatically changed when I met Ky Carlson and heard about Revitalize Health. As a result of his program, I lost over 120 lbs, dropped my A1C, take no meds and reversed my diabetes. I can tell you this: it works.

Tom D.

I came to Revitalize Health because I had VERY high blood sugar levels in the 300 to 400s and my energy was zapped. Traditional medications weren’t working and I had been suffering from Type II diabetes for eight years. I didn’t feel like anyone cared about my issues. The Revitalize Health program lowered my blood sugar readings to 100-150 and taught me how to be healthy. I lost 40 pounds and am at a perfect weight, too! I was skeptical at first, but the results don’t lie. Larry P.

I had given up in my efforts to lose weight and be healthy. After 25+ years of diet program after diet program, I felt totally hopeless and no longer cared. Then, I saw a video from Revitalize Health and realized that this just might be what I need. After this program, my brain fog is gone, I lost and kept off 50+ pounds and my libido came back. I feel strong and my negative self-esteem is gone. This is true freedom! Therisa M.

I was looking for resolution to my Hashimoto’s and weight gain. I tried conventional medicine and doctors, but my symptoms were still there all the time. It was affecting my life and family where I didn’t want to see anyone or go anywhere, as I was always tired and fatigued. Since coming to Revitalize Health, I’ve lost weight, have no more headaches, got my thyroid regulated and even stabilized my blood pressure! This program works – I just hate that it took me this long to find it. Diana N.


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What can I expect with a New Client Consultation?
This is the first step toward beginning your Revitalize Health Program. Our practitioners will set aside a full hour of time to meet with you face-to-face and review any recent lab work or blood panels you have done. We will also examine your health history and your answers to the specific assessment tools we give you before your appointment. We will discuss exact details about which program is right for you. We ask that you please bring your spouse or significant other with you to this consult, if applicable. Since our program involves important decisions for your health, we want you to have the full support of those closest to you as you begin this exciting step for the future of your health.
How much does the Revitalize Health Program cost?
We have programs that fit every budget, lifestyle, and need. The cost for any of our programs is based on multiple factors discussed during your New Patient Consult and the pricing can only be determined on an individual basis in-office. If you are interested in discovering what program is right for you and what the exact cost and scope will be, schedule a consult with our office today.
I've heard about your seminars. What are these events?
We host informational seminars around the Houston area and online webinars to educate people about our program and the innovative methods we use to help people overcome chronic disease. For learning about our program and practices ahead of time, we offer significant discounts on New Patient Consultation fees. If you would like to learn more and qualify for this discount, please contact our office.
What kinds of health issues does your practice address?

We help patients suffering from health problems by uncovering the root causes of their issues and empowering them to make dramatic changes to their health. If you have questions about how we can help with your health concerns, please contact our office.